Uber driver drivingPersonal injury cases involving an Uber vehicle usually require plaintiffs to prove the scope of damages and the other party’s liability before they could receive any compensation.

Legal counsel will be useful in this scenario. If the incident occurred in California, for instance, seek representation from an Uber accident attorney in Los Angeles.

Insurance Coverage

Uber has required its drivers to have car insurance coverage as a safety net for any untoward incidents. It’s possible to file a claim, but take note that the company has certain policies for its liability coverage on their drivers.

Some of these restrictions for providing liability coverage include the driver being offline (i.e., not logged in the app), which means there would be no liability coverage from Uber. Passengers of an Uber vehicle have the best chances of proving fault and liability since the company may provide up to $1 million in liability coverage depending on the accident.

New Technology

Uber plans to have a fleet of self-driving vehicles, so the liability will likely fall under the company should it decide to roll out autonomous cars. However, the ride-sharing service may not pursue such plans anytime soon due to the highly publicized accident in Arizona.

The company has since called off any test projects on public roads. Since the law remains vague on car-hailing services, it’s best to consult with a personal injury attorney to find out the chances of winning a claim.

It could be quite difficult to go after an Uber driver for a personal injury claim, especially without the proper legal assistance. When choosing a lawyer, find out more about their track record for handling similar cases to your own as this will give you some insights on their level of work.

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