Probate laws in Georgia You Need to Know About
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What Georgia Residents Should Know About the State’s Probate Laws

It’s never easy to deal with a loved one’s passing. For the ones who are left behind, death is a package of emotional distress and financial challenges, especially if the deceased did not have a life plan. In some cases, the Last Will and Testament may be what brings more complications. Cantley Dietrich, a law […]

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3 Things You Need to Know Pre-Law School

As they say, there is nothing quite law school, not to mention a career as a lawyer. If you’ve always wanted to be an attorney, then you know that the preparation starts early on. Grades will always play a big part in getting accepted at law school, but it’s not the only thing that will […]

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Common Blunders When Buying a Property

A real estate property is a big-ticket acquisition. And before you finally get your hands on it, you will need to undergo different processes and deal with tons of paperwork. A lot of people make the mistake of not paying attention to each segment and small details of the procedure. Make sure that you have […]

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A Primer on Medical Malpractice and Guidelines to Secure Validity of Your Claim

Doctors must adhere to medical standards governing their profession during the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of their patients. Medical malpractice is a violation of a certain standard and victims of negligence or intentional harm may appeal to a court for compensation and justice. If you have been subjected to unacceptable practices by a licensed physician […]

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Eliminate Pain During A Divorce With 2 Simple Moves

The process of annulling a marriage is among the most painful life experiences, notes a divorce lawyer at Kelly & Bramwell, P.C. in Draper, Utah. It’s a process that pits two people, who at one time had made a vow to spend the rest of their lives together, against each other. The realization that this […]