a stressed coupleThe process of annulling a marriage is among the most painful life experiences, notes a divorce lawyer at Kelly & Bramwell, P.C. in Draper, Utah. It’s a process that pits two people, who at one time had made a vow to spend the rest of their lives together, against each other. The realization that this dream is crumbling carries pain by the boatload.

It is this pain that drives some people to go to great lengths in the hopes of exerting revenge on their ex-partners. While that might seem like a great idea, it only succeeds in opening a can of worms. Instead of trying to get even, you’re better of picking up the pieces and building a great life.

1. Don’t drag the proceedings

The divorce process is marked with flaring tempers and uncontrollable emotions, especially when one party feels betrayed and cheated. It is this pain that drives many people to make costly mistakes. Putting up unnecessary roadblocks to delay the dissolution only succeeds in doing just that — slowing the process. It doesn’t stop the divorce from happening. If your partner has made up their mind to leave, then there’s not stopping them.

A lengthy court battle will leave the both of you angry, tired, distressed and with a massive dent in your wallets. It is during such proceedings that skeletons that you’d prefer to remain hidden make their debut. All your dirty laundry will be aired in public and immortalized in court documents. You might never live down the physiological effects of some damaging information that comes out during this process. An amicable divorce process lets you hang on to your dignity.

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2. Don’t rile your ex-spouse

If the divorce come as a surprise, the effects can be crushingly painful, devastating, and is most commonly accompanied by bouts of anger. Suddenly your well-crafted future takes a turn for the worse, and you’re thrust into uncertainty. While that might too much to process, don’t find ways to rile your ex-spouse as a coping mechanism.

Doing so infringes on their right and it could lead you to face the full brunt of the law. A brush with the law enforcement counts against you in a divorce. It might make the judge take a hard line stance against you while viewing your partner favorably.

Going through a divorce brings a lot of mental and emotional anguish to the affected parties. Therefore, you would do well to avoid stretching out the process as it only serves to pile on the pain.