divorceThe experience and expertise of a divorce lawyer should make you confident and give you a positive outlook. Nevertheless, it is not enough that you have the best lawyer in town. You must be on the same page from day one to the end of the journey.

It is time to sit down and make a list of topics to discuss with your divorce attorney in Colorado Springs, CO before the negotiations with your spouse.

Finances and credit cards

It is best to be transparent about how you and your spouse handled bank accounts and credit cards. A lawyer needs the information before giving advice on what to do with those financial accounts. Whether you should leave them as is or close them depends on many factors. The lawyer may recommend dividing the accounts equally. These transactions must be done before filing for a divorce.

Marital property

Proving an asset as a separate property may be difficult, especially when it is unclear how equally the property can be divided. At the outset, bring up relevant issues with your attorney. Provide necessary documents to support your claim if you are interested in keeping a specific asset for yourself after the divorce. Moreover, property discussions include a declaration of debts and how payments should be made after the dissolution of your marriage.

Custody goals

Custody issues may take longer to resolve, but you can help the attorney figure out the best options for you and your children if you are clear about your personal goals for custody. This is one of the most important topics to discuss. Think carefully about a practical and sustainable arrangement for your children, considering your schedule, as well as their current and future needs.

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Lastly, if there are specific topics to be discussed, such as domestic violence, child abuse, order for protection, and non-financial support after the divorce, do not hesitate to bring them up. Your lawyer is your strongest ally in a divorce settlement.