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3 Must-Do Things After Divorce

Getting divorced can be a nightmare. You will likely start over everything from scratch. You will face responsibilities you are not used to. Also, you will struggle with your new reality. Besides, your kids might want an explanation of how and why everything happened. Don’t you worry; we will walk you through what you must […]

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Limited Recovery Efficiency in Shale Reserves Lead to a Wait-and-See Game

Shale is unique in the energy industry because it’s notoriously hard to extract resources from this rock deposit. Large industry players and small operators are both searching for ways to increase their production, but there’s a lingering sense that both are waiting for the next big idea in enhanced oil recovery (EOR). In the meantime, […]

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4 Things to Think About Before Getting a Franchise

One of the biggest investments that you can make is getting a franchise. It has many benefits; you don’t have to start from scratch. All you have to do is learn how to market the brand properly and you are all set. If you’re planning to start a food business, getting a soft pretzel franchise is one of […]

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Types of Wiretapping Devices Used for Surveillance

Way before recent news about US President Trump’s wiretapping accusations against predecessor Barack Obama, intelligence agencies and the police have already been using the technique. Of course, they need permission to listen in on a phone call. Commonly called bugging, one of the situations wherein wiretapping is legal is when a judge deems it necessary. […]

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Fighting Over Child Custody: 3 Things to Consider to Win Your Battle

When it comes to fighting over custody, it’s common for some divorcing couples to convince or prove to everyone that they are the better parent. In many cases, they will also tell the others how bad or evil the other parent is. This tactic can interfere with coming up a healthy decision that is in […]