Female DoctorDoctors must adhere to medical standards governing their profession during the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of their patients. Medical malpractice is a violation of a certain standard and victims of negligence or intentional harm may appeal to a court for compensation and justice.

If you have been subjected to unacceptable practices by a licensed physician and suffered because of a poor standard of care, there is reasonable cause to get the services of a personal injury attorney in New York.

Securing proof of injury for the validity of the claim

For a medical malpractice claim to be valid, it must be backed by proof that the actions or lack of action of a healthcare professional have caused the injury. Establishing negligence is only part of it. A violation of the standard of care should be supported by evidence of an unfavorable outcome, and that the negligence resulted in personal injury.

The court only recognizes a case if there is negligence that caused a personal injury that led to disability and loss of income, with concomitant suffering. Litigation of medical malpractice is always expensive and time-consuming. Deposition testimony takes resources to plan, research, and execute.

The scope of medical malpractice

There are numerous forms of medical malpractice. The list of actions considered negligent and amenable for legal action include misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose an illness, failure to recognize a symptom, failure to order appropriate medical tests, and errors in reading and interpreting laboratory results. Errors in surgery (wrong site or unnecessary procedure) are on the list as well.

Other forms of malpractice include premature discharge from medical care, poor follow-up, improper prescription of medication, and improper dosage of medication.

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Are you suffering from constant or recurring pain, enduring hardship due to resulting disability, and getting by with considerable loss of income due to negligent and subpar medical care? You have every right to sue for damages due to medical malpractice and get the compensation you deserve.