Child hugging his fatherThe battle for the custody of a child is a very tedious and stressful process. With all the factors and risks present, you can’t afford to make mistakes. Keep these common errors in mind and do your best to avoid them.

1. Not Choosing the Right Representative

For such a delicate situation, naturally, you would want the best possible child custody attorney in Kent to represent you. More than the legal aspects that may seem too confusing for you, your relationship with your child is far too great to put at risk by not choosing a legal representative. Besides, the stress brought about by court proceedings, possible change of lifestyle and even residence make choosing the right legal counsel a wise and strategic decision.

2. Refusing to Cooperate

This, more than anything else, can turn the tables against you because of its sensitive nature for both you and the court. However, refusing to cooperate gives off a very negative impression to the judge and may end up with the worst possible result, which is losing custody of your kids. Cooperate and keep your emotions in check while trying to find the best possible solution. If you can’t do that, then your legal counsel will do the talking for you.

3. Preventing the Other Parent From Visiting

Your custody battle can even become harder if you outright refuse to let the other parent from having the child visit him or vice versa. If you don’t have anything solid to withhold the other parent’s visitation rights like evidence of physical and mental abuse, then you shouldn’t immediately revoke his or her right to see your children. If you really are adamant, then you can consult your attorney before you come to any such decision.

All parents want the best future for their child, and you may not see the other party as part of that. Still, keep your wits about you and at the very least, keep calm. This and a good counsel should increase your chances of gaining a favorable outcome.