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Do I Have to Pay Estate or Inheritance Taxes in Colorado?

Colorado does not impose estate taxes on decedents who pass away on or after the date January 1, 2005. Most residents in Colorado do not have to worry about inheritance or estate taxes, which are taxes that some states impose on individuals who inherit from another person who resided in or who owned property in […]

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What You Should Know Before Setting Up a Trust

If you are planning on setting up a trust, it’s extremely vital that you understand exactly how your trust would work and what your trustees could and couldn’t do before establishing your trust. What Could Trustees Do? Your trustee can’t just do anything they want with your trust. Trustees have certain legal powers that enable them to […]

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What Constitutes Workplace Harassment and How Can You Stop It?

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), harassment is unwelcome verbal or physical behavior that is based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), gender/gender identity, nationality, age (40 or older), physical or mental disability, or genetic information. Workplace harassment in MN and other states is more common than most people think. It happens everywhere, […]

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Divorce, The Holiday Season, and Children

The holidays could be an extra challenging time for families who have recently been separated or in the process of divorcing. Many families have established certain holiday traditions. Things are different this time. Finding love, peace, and joy during this emotionally trying time might seem impossible. Here are some tips to make the holiday season less […]

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What Happens to Inheritance During a Divorce

When you go through a divorce, all assets that you and your spouse have accumulated while you were married would be divided based on the specific state laws. For instance, your marital property would be equally divided if your state is a community property state, while your marital assets would be divided equitably in other […]